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Wood Dice Storage Box

Wood Dice Storage Box

SKU: EPIC10181

Discover the Ultimate Dice Storage Solution: A Part of Our Exclusive Board Game Box Series. Presenting a remarkable addition to our array of board game boxes, the Dice Storage Box is a testament to innovation and convenience.  It comes with magnets attached to keep your dice secure.


Designed with enthusiasts of board card games in mind—including revered titles like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Minecraft—this box is engineered to enhance your gaming experience to the fullest Elevate your dice storage game and enjoy the ease. Of access that this meticulously designed box brings to your gaming sessions. Please note that the Dice Storage Box is one of many offerings in our ongoing commitment to optimising your gaming experience. Stay tuned for more innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of board game enthusiasts. Step into a realm of organisation and style that aligns seamlessly with your passion for gaming.


Personalisation on the back panel available at no extra cost.

Internal size
length: 70mm
width: 82mm
height: 50mm