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Our Story

Hello and Welcome to Epic Laser Designs!

Epic Laser Designs started as a hobby and with a passion for creating gifts for friends & family. Enquiries soon began to come in, and I decided to test the waters.

Five years ago, I was selling some of my homemade bakes at a charity Christmas Cookie Appeal to raise awareness for Arrhythmia Alliance when I was introduced to 3D printing, Laser Cutting and engraving. I decided to focus all my training on being the best I can. I made a 3D printer from scratch, hired the laser equipment, and soon became hooked on making up designs!

With our state of the art laser and cutting technology, we can bring creative designs to a whole new level, making those special milestones you share with loved ones even more memorable.​​

We want to be known as the company that gives the personal touch and cares about their clients and the world we live in. We feel it’s crucial to take every possible measure to care for the environment. Because of this, we have joined the 10% in our market that has invested in a sophisticated filtration unit to filter emissions safely.  We use raw or recycled materials where possible and keep waste to a minimum.

I was born with multiple chronic health ailments. My family taught me the importance of quality over quantity, a sense of ambition and a desire to follow my dreams. I have worked hard to understand and achieve within my disabilities, learning a great deal along the way.

Some of my proudest achievements so far include dreams I would never dare to dream! From organising a successful Christmas Cookie Appeal, raising funds for Charity, I received an invitation to bake a cake and deliver it in person to the Royal household at Buckingham Palace—becoming a Devon Ambassador and winning five young hero awards!

I became a Figure Skater in 2017, entering my first competition through Inclusive Ice Skating in September 2019, full of hopes and dreams. I never dreamt I would be ranked number 1 in the Inclusive Paralympic World Championships 2021 for Free Skate Men’s, yet here I am!

I want to inspire others like me to believe! I feel so lucky to continue to beat the odds and appreciate everyone who has helped me and continues to support me on my journey; you know who you are, thank you!

Our product range is continually growing as we develop new exciting ideas and concepts. We will help you make your special moments memorable with a range of precious personalised gifts, beautifully designed wedding and event favours, stylish party décor and homeware. Giving you the opportunity to buy quality one-of-kind product’s that you can’t buy from the leading high street stores.

If you don’t see what you are looking for or have any special requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help!

Thank you to those of you making enquiries and putting in requests. I look forward to completing your orders, time and time again 😊 Please subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest on our products as they come available.

Kindest Regards