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Vintage Car Coaster - Jaguar XJ

Vintage Car Coaster - Jaguar XJ

Introducing our Classic Jaguar XJ120 Engraved Coaster, a tribute to automotive elegance and timeless design. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this coaster is a must-have for any Jaguar enthusiast or classic car aficionado. 🚗✨

Featuring the iconic Jaguar XJ120 meticulously engraved on the surface, this coaster captures the essence of vintage charm and sophistication. Each detail is expertly reproduced, ensuring a faithful representation of this legendary automobile. 🏁🔍

Made from high-quality materials, our coaster offers both durability and elegance, providing a stylish accent to any tabletop or desk. Its smooth surface is perfect for protecting your surfaces from spills while adding a touch of automotive flair to your space. 🌟🍵

Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee or savouring a relaxing evening beverage, our Classic Jaguar XJ120 Engraved Coaster promises to elevate your drinking experience with its timeless appeal. 🌆☕

Indulge in the passion for automotive history and style with our coaster, a statement piece that celebrates the legacy of Jaguar's iconic design. 🎩🏎️


Made in Devon, UK

Daimeter 10 cm

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