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Christmas Dice Gift Exchange Game 4 Pack

Christmas Dice Gift Exchange Game 4 Pack

Make your holiday gatherings unforgettable with our Christmas Dice Gift Exchange Game - the perfect way to add excitement, laughter, and a touch of unpredictability to your festive celebrations! 🌟

🎯 How to Play:
1. Gather your friends and family around, each holding a beautifully crafted Christmas-themed dice.
2. Roll the dice to determine your fate! Each roll corresponds to a fun and festive action or rule, adding a unique twist to your gift exchange game.
3. Follow the prompts on the dice, which may include swapping with others or even leaving the game!
4. Keep the game going until all the presents are distributed, creating memorable moments and lots of laughter along the way.

🎁 Perfect for:
- Office holiday parties and corporate events.
- Family gatherings and reunions.
- Friends' gift exchange parties.
- Adding an extra layer of fun to Secret Santa traditions.

🎄 Create cherished memories and share the joy of giving with our Christmas Dice Gift Exchange Game. This game adds new excitement to your holiday festivities, making gift exchanges more entertaining than ever. Who will end up with the most coveted gift, and who will have to trade with Santa? Roll the dice and find out!

Order your Christmas Dice Gift Exchange Game today and get ready to unwrap the gift of laughter and holiday cheer this season! 🎲🎅✨ #HolidayGames #ChristmasFun #GiftExchangeDice 🌲🎉


Each one

Dimensions 9 cm x 7 cm

Material 3 mm of sustainable plywood.

Made in Devon, UK.


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