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Chopping Board / Cake Display Board - Recipe For Happily Ever After

Chopping Board / Cake Display Board - Recipe For Happily Ever After

4 cups of Love

2 cups of Loyalty

Dash of Faith

3 cups of Kindness

4 cups of Understanding

1 cup of Friendship

5 spoonfuls of Hope

1 barrel of Laughter

Pinch of Forgiveness

Dash of Thoughtfulness


Take love and loyalty and mix thoroughly with faith.

Blend in kindness and understanding,

Add friendship and hope.

Sprinkle abundantly with laughter and forgiveness.

Garnish with thoughtfulness.

Bake with all the warmth in your hearts.

Serve daily with generous helpings.

Till The End.


Looking for the perfect gift. Look no further! This #personalised wooden chopping board is an excellent choice. Crafted from premium wood, it guarantees #highquality and a smooth surface, making it an ideal tool for all your chopping and meal preparation needs.


It's not just for practical use either - you can also use it to #impress your guests when you invite them over for a slice of cake.


This wooden chopping board is a great #gift idea for various occasions, such as #NewlyWeds, #HomeMove, or a #SpecialBirthday. You can add a personal touch by using our #FreePersonalisation service. Simply email for a free personalised message or leave a message in the notes section during checkout.


Keep in mind that wooden products require proper care. Avoid soaking this chopping board in water, as it may damage the wood. Additionally, please note that no wooden items are dishwasher-safe.


Dimensions: 20cm Round.

Made in Devon, UK


#GiftIdeas #KitchenEssentials #HomeCooking #Handcrafted #MadeInUK


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