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New Born Gift for a baby, flip token for parents to decide who is to do a nappy feed etc. at

Parent - Decision Coin

Decision Flip Coins are engraved with mummy's turn and daddy's turn on the other side—a decision coin for parents with a new bundle of joy. Choice of Style - Tiny Feet, ABC, Pram, Baby Bottle, Baby Dummy.


Our decision coins can help you make decisions quickly and interestingly. A decision coin to deal with the challenges of a new life. Changing diapers, foaming milk powder, nights, singing nursery rhymes, telling a bedtime story to the older sibling patiently waiting, etc. Flip for your destiny!


New Parent's Gifts can bring a smile to every occasion. We can make a decision coin for Birthday, Christmas presents, Mother's Day Gifts, Father's Day gifts, and Valentine's Day presents. You name it, for every occasion.


Diameter 4.5cm

Material 6mm Plywood.


Made in Devon, UK.