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Christmas Lantern made from wood and acrylic at

Christmas Lantern - Small

Introducing our captivating Christmas lantern! 🕯️✨

Illuminate your holiday season with our exquisite Christmas lantern, a true embodiment of craftsmanship and elegance. Our 1st size is a small lantern that stands at 212H x 110W x 97L mm, perfectly designed to infuse your home and light up, adding to the magic of Christmas.

Crafted with precision, our Christmas lantern is a fusion of beauty and eco-consciousness. It's made from a combination of 3mm thick plywood and acrylic, materials carefully chosen for their natural warmth and modern allure. The intricate cutouts and delicate detailing create a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow, casting enchanting patterns on your walls and surroundings.

This lantern is not just a piece of holiday decor; it's a work of art. Place it on your mantelpiece, dining table, or any corner that needs a touch of holiday charm, and watch as it transforms your space into a winter wonderland. The warm, inviting glow it emits will fill your home with a sense of togetherness, making your Christmas celebrations truly special.


LED light - Mini Battery Powered unit with an on / off switch.

At Epic Laser Designs, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability, and our Christmas lantern is no exception. We've meticulously crafted it with a focus on eco-friendly practices, ensuring that it not only enhances your festive decor but also aligns with our values of responsible craftsmanship.

Embrace the holiday spirit and make your Christmas memorable with our Christmas lantern. It's more than just a decoration; it symbolises style, craftsmanship, and eco-conscious living.

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