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Bottle Opener - Groomsman

Bottle Opener - Groomsman

A bottle opener is a practical and versatile tool that allows people to easily open beverage bottles, making it a useful addition to any kitchen or bar. The bottle opener can serve as a unique and memorable gift for friends and family members to use during celebrations.


Whether it's for opening a bottle of champagne for a toast or enjoying a refreshing beverage, this bottle opener is sure to come in handy and be a reminder of the special occasion. Finding thoughtful and functional gifts that the recipient can use and appreciate is always great.


Crafted from beech wood, ensuring you of its high quality and smooth surface.


  • Note *Wooden products should not be left to soak in water.
  • No wooden items are dishwasher safe*


Dimensions: 3cm W 12cm H

Material: BEECH Wood


Made in Devon, UK.


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