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Lightbox - Merry Christmas Star

Introducing our exquisite Lightbox, meticulously crafted at Epic Laser Designs, designed to infuse warmth and charm into every nook and cranny of your home. Embrace the holiday spirit with our enchanting "Merry Christmas Star" Lightbox, where a cheerful snowman takes center stage within a crystal-clear acrylic sphere. Watch in awe as the LED lights dance and twinkle across the intricately hand-painted winter wonderland, creating a captivating spectacle for all to relish.

Our Lightbox is not just a decoration; it's a portal to the enchantment of Christmas, capturing the very essence of the season.

**Product Details:**
- Dimensions: Approximately 105cm x 65cm x 4cm
- Materials: Crafted from premium 3mm Plywood and adorned with a lustrous 3mm Clear Acrylic.

Elevate your holiday decor to a whole new level and let the magic of Christmas illuminate your space with our "Merry Christmas Star" Lightbox.